Massage Therapy


We believe that massage therapy is an essential partner to chiropractic treatment. While chiropractic care reduces or eliminates pressure on spinal nerves and restores proper alignment of the vertebrae, massage therapy helps to alleviate stress and muscle tightness so that your body can maintain the benefits of your chiropractic adjustment for a longer period of time.

Massage therapy, especially deep tissue massage, can provide many other benefits, including relaxation, increased blood circulation, and relief from pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other conditions.

Massage & Chiropractic – A Synergistic Approach

When combined, chiropractic care and massage therapy can prove to be very helpful in maintaining overall health, allowing the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems to function in harmony as they were designed to do.

At Brown Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we use this synergistic approach, combining massage therapy and chiropractic treatment, with a focus on removing interferences to muscle and nerve function so that muscles can relax and heal.

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